Eco-friendly Toiletries For Travellers and at Home

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How to turn your bathroom into a more Eco-friendly way both at home and while travelling? We listed the Eco-friendly toiletries. Suppose you want to live a greener life. In that case, this list will be handy, especially nowadays when all types of pollution are at an all-time high.

In this guide, we will elaborate on the characteristics that you should evaluate to consider if the things you are planning to bring with you are sustainable travel toiletries and a list of our favourite brands.


Eco-friendly Toiletries For Travellers and at Home (1)

Now that more and more people are being aware of taking a step towards being environment-friendly, a lot of brands are also creating Eco-friendly products.

We now have Eco-friendly cookware, bakeware, appliances and even toiletries. However, even if more brands are gearing towards creating eco-friendly items, not all are high-quality, and some are even artificial. Yes, you read that right, some are claiming to use Eco-friendly materials for their products when they aren’t and helping you choose the best brands, here are some of the factors that you need to consider:

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Reusable/How long it will last

We should consider that the product should be reusable because if not, it will defeat the purpose of having zero or minimal waste. For a product to be reusable, the product must be durable.

To check the products’ durability, you can research the brand and the specific product themselves. Check for their reviews because it’s also great knowing the opinion of people who already tested the product. Try to avoid products without any reviews or with a lot of negative reviews.


Some are sustainable but filled with toxic chemicals for preservation, and we do not want those. To determine if the toiletries aren’t made with harmful materials, we should consider products made of silicone, fabric, and other recyclable materials. If it’s made with plastic, make sure that the plastic material doesn’t contain BPA.

Eco-friendly Toiletries For Travellers and at Home (1)


Eco-friendly travel toiletries can be a little more costly than usual products, but it is because they are more sustainable and you would be able to use them for a longer time. However, you should be aware of the average price range for sustainable travel toiletries because some companies will try to overprice their items with the guise of marketing their products as “Eo-friendly”.


If we really want to help the environment, we should do it the proper way and the right way. To do so is by buying products that aren’t only Eco-friendly and sustainable, but cruelty-free.

For those who aren’t familiar with this concept, cruelty-free is when a product is not tested repeatedly on innocent animals. To know if Eco-friendly toiletries are cruelty-free or not, check the product packaging carefully and make sure to look for a label that says cruelty-free.

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Now we are done enumerating the characteristics of sustainable toiletries. We compiled a list of our favourite products from various brands.

Hair Products Bar

One of the top products that we immediately think about when the word toiletries come up is hair products. We know that the hair is a person’s crowning glory, one must really take great care of it. That is why we did thorough research and compared various brands first before coming up with our own recommendation for a hair product. 

Now we proudly introduce Ethique’s Eco-friendly hair sampler for all hair types (frizzy, dry, normal, oily). Its scent is perfect for any gender and is hypoallergenic.

Here are the reasons why this product is certified Eco-friendly:

  • They use biodegradable, and compostable packaging materials instead of plastics which we all know are harmful to the environment
  • Their hair sampler is equivalent to 1 plastic bottle, they are saving .4 litres of water per product
  • They are cruelty-free and vegan

Dental Kit Bundle

Now that your hair is already taken care of, you also need an Eco-friendly product that will take care of your teeth. Kagdida’s toothbrush set is made of bamboo. This set is made with 100% recycled materials and is BPA free. While their bamboo toothbrush has charcoal-infused bristles made of nylon, their dental floss is durable and made with natural silk.

They also have a separate tongue scraper for fresher breath. Since their products are Eco-friendly, their packaging is Eco-friendly as well, made with paper and is one hundred per cent plastic-free.

  • Material: charcoal, nylon, bamboo, silk
  • Included: 4 pcs of a toothbrush, a toothbrush case, dental floss and tongue scraper

Silicone Toiletries Travel Bottles

This product is perfect for frequent travellers, a travel bottle set made with silicon. These travel bottles are opal in shape so that there wouldn’t be any excess liquid left in the container.

They are also made with food-grade silicone, and in one of our previous articles, we mentioned that food and medical grade silicone is the highest quality of silicon. The bottles are perfect for shampoos, conditioners, body washes, condiments, baby food and salad sauce as it is food grade.

The silicone bottles are easy to clean because they have a wide opening, and the no-drip valve prevents leaks and makes sure that you pour just the right amount. There are 4 colour combinations available, including shades of blue, shades of purple, black and white, and assorted colours.

  • Material: silicon
  • Included: 4 pieces of travel bottles

Unisex Bamboo Razor

Finding good Eco-friendly razors is more challenging than other Eco-friendly products because they are not very common.

The product is Eco-friendly in the sense that it has absolutely no plastic part, it is made up of stainless steel and 100% bamboo.

It is also guaranteed to last a lifetime, it is very cost-effective because you only need to replace the blades and not the whole product every time it becomes dull. Their manual is also very comprehensive and even has homemade shaving recipes and proper treatment post-shaving.

  • Material: bamboo, stainless steel
  • Included: 1-pc razor

Deodorant Bar/Cream

Ethique is one of the top Eco-friendly brands that is a strong advocate of minimizing and even total eradication of plastic usage.

In fact, they are the first zero-waste and most sustainable lifestyle beauty brand, that’s why this specific product also doesn’t have any plastic ingredients, even its packaging.

This deodorant bar is made of baking soda, toxic and aluminium-free. Two plastic bottles are being prevented from unnecessary usage .3 litres of water are being saved with each deodorant piece.

  • Scents available: There are three available scents including botanica (lavender and vanilla), rustic (cedarwood and eucalyptus) and sans (unscented, made with bamboo).

Organic Loofah

Maximize your exfoliating experience with this sustainable organic loofah. These loofahs are chemical-free, without any bleaching and whitening materials. Aside from being a great exfoliant, it can also be used for dishwashing because vegetable net fibre prevents the dishes from scratches. This set also comes with a linen bag for portability.

  • Material: Vegetable net fibre, linen
  • Included: 3 pieces of loofah and a linen bag

Toothpaste Tablets

I also recently discovered the concept of having toothpaste tablets, and I must say that it is a pretty neat and innovative product. The purpose of creating these tablets, aside from preventing spills when travelling and saving up space is the prevention of unnecessary plastic usage.

Over 1 billion plastic toothpaste tubes end up in landfills every year, so imagine how much plastic would be lessened if most of the population would use a toothpaste tablet instead of the conventional type. These toothpaste tablets have no GMOs, are vegan and cruelty-free.

Infused with natural mint flavour for a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee, there’s really nothing to lose because you can return the product if you are not satisfied with it.

  • Included: 62 tablets per pack

Organic Shave Cream

You already have a go-to brand for razors, for a complete package, we also decided to look for organic shaving cream. Pacific shaving company’s product consists of plant-based ingredients and is cruelty-free.

This shaving cream is very efficient to use because its 3.4 oz tube can last for up to 100 shaves. It is also paraben-free and doesn’t have any synthetic ingredients, it is perfect for sensitive skin.

  • Included: They are available in packs of 1, 2, 3, 6 and shave bundles consisting of shaving cream and razor with five cartridges


Live your life to the fullest without any guilt that you contribute to using harmful products in our environment. By using these products, you aren’t only helping the environment and yourself because they contain organic and vegan materials. They don’t have any synthetic chemicals that are also harmful to humans, animals, and the environment.

Plus, we are confident that you will like these products because organic and vegan-free doesn’t mean that it has a bland smell or look, quite the contrary, these products look really rad and smell extremely good.


Make your bathrom more sustainable by start using eco-friendly and plastic-free toiletries. Here's a link of sustainable bathroom items to use. via @remaineco


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